Houston boxer is shot dead ‘girlfriend’s estranged husband after they met him to discuss divorce

Editor’s note: When thinking tactical we must always hope for the best but plan for the worst. In this story many things were done correctly, like meeting in public, but ultimately there seems to have been no plan for what to do if the crazy man goes off the rails. We already know the situation was terse just by looking at the age difference between the woman and her estranged husband. When you read this story think about what you might have done to remain tactical in this situation, or if you would even find yourself involved in it at all.

  • Maurenzo ‘Tuffy’ Smith, a Houston amateur boxer, was killed inside a seafood restaurant after accompanying a woman to meet her estranged husband
  • The two spoke about divorce proceedings before the man stormed off and returned with a gun, firing off 13 rounds  
  • Smith was struck multiple times and killed, while the wife and other diners escaped unharmed
  • Smith was due to fight in Colombia next week, and was called ‘very loving’ by grieving family members
  • They’ve denied reports that the woman was his girlfriend  
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An amateur boxer was shot dead in Houston on Wednesday after taking a woman said to be his girlfriend to meet her estranged husband about their divorce.

Maurenzo ‘Tuffy’ Smith, a 44 year-old father of two, accompanied the unnamed 28-year-old woman to a seafood restaurant to meet her 61 year-old husband, whose identity is yet to be released, about divorce proceedings.

The separated spouses spoke for approximately 20 minutes before the argument turned heated, causing the husband then left the restaurant and returned with a gun.

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He shot off 13 rounds inside the Crab Station Oyster Bar, striking Smith multiple times but missing his wife, who escaped the carnage unharmed.

The husband then fled in his Maserati and shot himself in the head. He is not expected to survive his wounds.  

Maurenzo ‘Tuffy’ Smith accompanied a woman to a diner to meet her husband for divorce proceedings, but the husband became angry and shot Smith, killing him. Smith was a local heavyweight boxer and remembered as a ‘very loving’ person

The husband of the woman Smith was with fled in his Maserati, pictured, then shot himself in the head
The owner of the car, who has not been named, is not expected to survive his injuries 
Saraa Abdullah Smith, Smith’s daughter, said he was ‘always looking to improve.’ Relatives said Smith was not in a romantic relationship with the woman and only met her last Frida

‘When he returned, he shot the male she was with multiple times, and he attempted to shoot her, but he missed,’ said Harris County Sheriff’s Office Major Susan Cotter.

The husband then fled the scene in a flashy Maserati sports car before being stopped by Houston cops who responded to reports of the shooting.

The husband then exited the Maserati and shot himself in the head before being taken to Houston Northwest Hospital in critical condition, where he is not expected to survive. 

The husband and wife had been married nine years prior to the incident, and had no children according to the sheriff’s office. 

Only five or six other people were present at the time of the shooting, including employees, and all besides Smith left unharmed. 

Relatives were shocked and recounted Smith’s charming personality, calling him a ‘very loving, kind guy.’ 

Smith’s sister Ida Carter said he was ‘always trying to help and eventually, that’s what ended up with him in the situation.’ 

Relative said Smith and the woman had only met last Friday, and they insist he was not romantically involved with her, although other outlets describe them as a couple.

‘There was no relationship of any kind as far as boyfriend and girlfriend,’ said Carter.

According to Smith’s Facebook page, he was a widower raising four children.

Carter said Smith was an ‘innocent bystander’ and ‘was just trying to help.’ 

Smith was a heavyweight boxer who was due to fight in Colombia just next week, with one relative even calling him a ‘celebrity.’

‘My brother was a celebrity boxer here from Houston, Texas, born and raised here in Houston,’ said Cherice Westpiere, another of Smith’s sisters.

‘He was always looking to improve,’ said Smith’s daughter Saraa Abdullah Smith. 

‘Whether it was for leadership, working out or just becoming a better man or better father,’ she said.

Westpiere said Smith lost his wife a couple of years ago, along with their mother: ‘Now we have lost our brother,’ she said.

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