Introduction to the Gray Man

by Kenneth Wayne Lovejoy


Whether you are a prepper or not, if you watch the news, you’d likely agree, the state of the world is grim and frightening. From local to international, it’s pretty obvious, we SHOULD be afraid… But that doesn’t mean you can’t, or won’t, survive in the event chaos and confusion take hold.


Self Defense Walking Cane Umbrella

The concept of the GRAY MAN has many lengthy descriptions, but to distill it quickly, it’s a person who has learned to blend in, to disappear in plain sight by not attracting attention … AT ALL.

Militant preppers have a common tell, so they are easy to see, with all the tactical gear and clothing they wear. It makes targets of this niche type of prepper, as the people who are in need and distress will attempt to take their supplies, because they haven’t ‘prepped’ themselves. Though it might not be easy for raiders to take their supplies, the likelihood of raids for this type of prepper is a surety, not a potential!


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By contrast, the gray man conceals his gear, and while being sufficiently supplied in the case of disaster, looks no different than the crowd in which he finds himself. He moves with the crowd and is capable of slowly detaching from that crowd without undue attention. If the absolute need to engage occurs he has the means to execute. Further, the openly armed and ready are the make-your-stand type, whereas the gray man is mobile and able to move, alone, or in family-like groups, in and out of danger zones.

Each type of prepper has its pros and cons, as the well-armed militia type will have far more success in repelling invaders, and the gray man would elude and evade any such conflicts.

There is also a sinister side to the gray man techniques everyone would be wise to note. This is, of course, the blatant application of “appearances being deceiving,” and knowing the intent of such a clearly well-prepared interloper could well be a matter of life and death! The best of the gray-man tacticians will pose no threat at all by their appearance but by the time you noticed, it would be far too late.

           Regardless of how you prep, any prepping at all increases you and your family’s safety and health in the event that law and order ceases, and Lex Talonis begins. “Eat, or be eaten,” being prepped keeps you one step or more ahead of what may come!