Are You Scared Yet

Are You Scared Yet? You Should Be…

by Kenneth Wayne Lovejoy

          Before 2020, before COVID swept across the globe, we had been inundated with threat after threat of new diseases, to the point of tuning the constant blah blah blah right on out. HIV/AIDS. Ebola. West Nile Virus. Swine Flu. Bird Flu. SARS. The list goes on and on, and each time, they quietly faded away.


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          Then 2020 struck and shut the world down. Panic. Fear. Greed. Selfishness… Hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizer specifically to screw the next guy over by selling it at a higher cost (to the point of patent absurdity). No joining together, no unity of mind and heart, no compassion, no “we”… Just naked, pathetic greed and self-interest. How can I make a profit, not how can I help you? We got to see just who the people around us are… and maybe even who we are to those around us. Vax vs nonvax only widened the already sickening gap we have amongst ourselves. Two groups of “ME ME ME’s”. Personally, I fell into a pretty dark hole, disgusted by this display of true nature… A nature designed to kill me… and you.

Doomsday Prepping

          So… Are you scared yet? We aren’t done here, not yet.

         Russia invaded Ukraine, and Putin has openly and pointedly threatened the use of nuclear weapons. This isn’t rhetoric, we are at the brink of what we have feared since the 60s, only now, more potentially real than ever. It’s the intent of a madman to trigger events that inevitably lead to massive retaliation and the end of life as we know it. IF we survive, the survivors are going to be reduced to the old system of trade or raid, and the desperation will lead to violence and chaos.

          Add to this mix the imminent invasion of Taiwan. China is poised to invade, especially emboldened by Putin’s nonchalance, endangering the Japanese by live firing missiles over the north end of the island. When they do move to take Taiwan, the US will be forced to honor its commitment to a free Taiwan, and a war unlike any before us will begin. These are all proofs of the sobering reality we live in and how vitally important it is to be prepared for the potential chain of events that will hasten the collapse so clearly a hairsbreadth away.


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          You should be scared. But you can be prepared. If you aren’t a prepper yet, become one. Being prepared is how you survive. As scary as it all is, you are NOT alone. I wish safety upon you all, and I will take steps to ensure higher rates of success. Maybe you should, too.

         Stay safe, get prepped, and until we meet again