EDC/Every Day Carry or More

By Kenneth Wayne Lovejoy

   There is an abundance of knowledge and countless examples of what makes up a person’s EDC (Every Day Carry) kits or ensembles. What you carry on you as a daily habit, from pockets to backpacks, is adaptable at whim and necessity, and you customize what you carry by the news, or the needs, of the day. Whether you live in calm and peaceful times, or you remember 2020, and currently understand the threat of nuclear warfare, SOON, is a probable, not just possible outcome of open threat… You MUST become aware, and with that awareness, become… Prepared.


          I like EDC because I use the acronym twice. I call it Escape, Distract, Conceal. Bear with me, I’ll show how I personally apply it.1) My keys. My keys are my escape method, as I typically drive wherever I go and home again. Driving away would be the primary response to any situation I wasn’t prepared to mitigate or assist in. 2) A small, very powerful flashlight to blind an attacker, and also deliver skin-gouging blows with if they get that close. Both means to distract and escape. And finally, 3) My clothes. Yep, what Im wearing, to keep myself as unremarkable as possible, and conceal myself in plain sight. Add to that a favorite pocketknife (assisted open because SNICK! is a great deterrent), my phone and my wallet, and shy of a gunfight, I’m absolutely confident in the environment I’m in. I belong where I go, until I am home again. (Of course, my wallet may have some surprises, I won’t confirm, but I will say, no, that is not a handcuff key in there…) 


          From this simple grab-and-go, to much more elaborate setups, is as easy as your ability to realistically assess the threats you face. My colleagues and I were discussing last night the very real and disgusting surge in human trafficking, HERE, in our backyards, our parking lots, our driveways. Zipties and other subtle ways of marking a vulnerable target are all around us, the threat is REAL. Chalk on your house because it’s been cased by a potential burglar or home invader…


         The threats we face aren’t merely gloom’n’doom naysaying, it’s happening around us right now… You DON’T have to be a victim. A friend said to us: You don’t have to kill the roaches… Just make them want to be somewhere else. Remember, your goal is to survive safely, not take a stand and die in a bulletstorm. What you wear and keep on you goes a long way towards survival. Fashion is a luxury, survival… is mandatory.

          We’re in this together, so stay safe so we can can meet again!