Man Coughing And Not Covering His Mouth Leads To Shots Fired [VIDEO]

JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA — Although many folks who carry guns are considerate and law abiding, a gun-carrying idiot who coughed and didn’t cover his mouth is what police say started an altercation that led to his firing shots at another person who took issue with his lack of manners.

Man Not Covering His Mouth… Video

OpEd by Black Dragon

53-year-old William Sauro, the driver of the vehicle; and 56-year-old Guillermo Alvarez, the trigger happy gunman, are at the center of this story.

Police later interviewed Sauro, who told them he saw Alvarez walking through the Sheetz parking lot “coughing and not covering,” [his mouth] the complaint said.

Sauro says he told Alvarez to cover his mouth when he coughed because of the virus going around, according to the complaint.

Sauro said the comment led to an altercation with Alvarez, who eventually pulled out a pistol and fired a round into Sauro’s windshield that lodged in the speedometer, according to police.

Alvarez then fired several more rounds into the front driver side tire, police say.

Police say surveillance video shows Alvarez stop at the front door of the Sheetz and look back at Sauro in his vehicle before having an apparent conversation with him.

Alvarez is then seen walking over to confront Sauro, who got out of his vehicle, police say.

Police say Sauro then got back into his vehicle before hitting Alvarez with his vehicle.

That’s when police say Alvarez pulled out a gun and started shooting.


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Both idiots seemed too arrogant to back down and it is going to cost them both dearly. Either one could have deescalated this incident but each chose a path of violence. But it was only after Alvarez was hit by Sauro’s car that he pulled out his firearm and began shooting, but Alvarez could have avoided the situation altogether because he was in the wrong in the first place. Sneezing and coughing without covering your mouth was rude long before there was an international pandemic going on. And now that we are clearly deeply in one of the worst pandemics to target man kind, it would seem that he would have acknowledged his rude behavior, and even apologized. But no, that wasn’t to be.

Both were charged with aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person. So they could both spend quite a bit of time in prison it seems.

And it seems that Alvarez wasn’t carrying his firearm legally, which is the exact opposite of how gun owners should behave – especially during these trying times. Many folks are now carrying for the first time in their lives, and are trying to be prepared for the worst. But lesson number one when you are carrying a weapon is to avoid confrontation at all costs. The only time we draw our firearms is if our life is in immediate danger. Alvarez had plenty of time to walk away and shouldn’t have continued on with his actions. Going to jail during a pandemic is the last place you want to be! You will have no control over how your situation or over could happen to you.

“I think the incident to a certain extent maybe as a result of the frustrations and anxiety people are feeling right now because of COVID-19,” Cambria County District Attorney Greg Neugebauer said. “I would urge people to have patience with each other as much a possible as people are on edge being around people right now.”