How to keep yourself safe at public events

How to stay safe at public events and festivals How to stay safe at public events and festivals
How to practice safety at public events and venues Podcast by Think Tactical on YouTube

Be Aware

We have a tendency to blur out environmental details, and often won’t notice subtle but important changes. Make a conscious effort to stay aware no matter where you go. If you see someone trying to avoid cameras, carrying a strange bag or just seemingly suspicious, trust your instincts. Your own intuition is a powerful way to keep yourself safe.

Know How to Leave – Quickly

The first thing to do when you arrive at a public event is to figure out exactly how you leave in an emergency. Try to identify at least two or more exit points. Panic in a crowd can lead to altercations, and though it doesn’t necessarily lead to shooting events, it’s a concern in and of itself. Be ready to leave through whatever means possible should something arise.

Turn any wired headphones into blue tooth recivers.
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Locate Security Constantly

Along with knowing where the exits are you should also be able to put eyes on a security officer at any time during the event. You don’t have to follow security around (nor should you; it may appear suspicious) in order to be safe, but you should stay in close proximity if you can.

Knowing where security officers are located in the event also increases the likelihood that you can seek their assistance or notify them of anyone acting suspiciously or causing problems.

Have a Plan

Discuss with your family and friends what to do in case you get separated. Make sure you have a designated meet-up location just outside of the event. Have charged cell phones on hand and be sure to program each other’s numbers in on speed dial options.

Source: Mantis Security