Amtrak train stranded in Oregon since Sunday 2/24/19

Amtrak Winter Train Stuck in the snow Amtrak Winter Train Stuck in the snow

This story has appeared in a number of places but the short of it is that an Amtrak train carrying nearly 200 passengers became stranded in Oregon while traveling from Seattle to Los Angeles. Snow and debris on the tracks has kept this train stuck for nearly 2 days. The upside, apparently, is that there were plenty of provisions on-board the train. Whenever my wife and I travel, we always pack some bottled water, and a ‘snack bag’. The intent is to have some munchies for the trip, and not to have to stop at convenience stores and spend too much money on stuff we already have at home. Having just completed our bug out bag video (listed below) I wanted to talk to you for a moment about how to think tactical in these kinds of situations:

A Good Bug-out Bag can Save Your Life by Eclipse, Coach, and Black Dragon

I usually bring my ‘get home’ bag along on road trips. I may want to re-think that in the future and have a better stocked BoB to take along on road trips, and maybe even something that is TSA-friendly for trips on public transports, like this train, or a cruise ship, or a plane. The plane will be a challenge since they get persnickety about what you can and cannot bring on board. While these folks seem to be faring okay in the care of Amtrak, I am not one to rely on others for my or my family’s well-being. Remember Think Tactical is a mindset or a paradigm to be applied to life wherever we go; including on trips.

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